White Wolf Spirit Guide Gicleee Print - Museum Quality


Connect to the power of your primal instincts and the joy from just being alive through this fantastic, energy enhanced White Wolf Spirit Guide giclee print by Julia Watkins.

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We are offering top grade giclee prints based on this original painting. These are not posters but archival prints that meet the quality standards of museums and fine art collectors. They are rated to remain colorful and vibrant for over 100 years. Click “Add To Cart” to order one today. All measurements in inches.


The white wolf is a powerful spirit guide connecting you to the wisdom of your primal instincts … the gut feelings you get but sometimes ignore which always turn out to be right. If you find yourself looking back and saying “ I should have listened to myself … I knew better” you were actually straying from the guidance of the white wolf.

By embracing these instincts you gain an incredible advantage in sensing hidden motives when dealing with other people. It helps you psychically make decisions that will produce the best outcome for you.

It awakens parts of your soul that help you find joy in just living and beauty in nature. It allows you to experience deep love for those close to you and binds the family. It puts you in the state of existence intended by spirit.

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I recently received a message that I should create this White Wolf Spirit Guide painting and jewelry to help a number of people who were specifically chosen to receive this powerful energy vision. I did not see their faces but felt their energies.

There are no coincidences in this universe. If you felt an impulse to click to this site e and you find a strong attraction to the image, you are one of those people.

The message I was instructed to give you through the powerful White Wolf Spirit Guide is that you will find what you want and have the energy to pursue it by reestablishing your connection to nature and mother earth. .. That by trusting your instincts and gut feelings you will more easily navigate this life and find your true path.

Furthermore, you must spend more time connecting to nature and the white wolf spirit so you can heighten the instinctual abilities that will make it possible for you to achieve what you seek to accomplish which is actually very important.

I don’t question these messages when I receive them. I do what they say. You can do with this message what you want. You can follow it or ignore it. But it is for your benefit.

I myself feel it is important that you focus on the White Wolf Spirit Guide image now and begin your most powerful spiritual journey.

You can meditate on it here, or I do offer White Wolf Spirit Guide meditation pendants/medallions, prints and charms which make it easier to have this image and energy close to you at all times and continuously establish this important connection.

Good luck in your upcoming spiritual transformation. For reasons I cannot explain, you have been chosen to do something that will benefit our world and the White Wolf has chosen to be your guide in this endeavor.

Energy Artist Julia


Please Note: Larger prints (anything over our smallest size) are special order and are not returnable.

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