Turtle Spirit Energy Painting - Giclee Print


Do you desire an easier life?

Turtle spirit, manifested in this positive energy image is said to bring you: SPIRITUAL PROTECTION, FERTILITY, LONGEVITY and a much easier LIFE.

Stare Into It Now And Experience A Profound Change In Your Energies. Learn more below.

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This powerful energy print is made with loving care in our studios in Eagle, Colorado USA by world renowned "Energy Artist Julia." Julia is famous for channeling energies into artwork, creating pieces known to emit amazing spiritual energies.

This print is chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. It is a high grade archival image which will remain vibrant and colorful for over 100 years. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Guaranteed for life against defects in materials or workmanship!

I CHOSE THIS ENERGY IMAGE FOR YOU ... TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MUCH EASIER ... A personal message from Energy Artist Julia

Dear Friends.

I created this energy painting for you because it is a resolute native belief that connecting with turtle provides you with the gifts of: spiritual protection, fertility, longevity, and an easy life due to extreme adaptability.

Turtle’s divine gifts make her, and you impervious to most outside spiritual threats and actually allow you to live in abundance, even when one chooses to be lazy.

Turtle is often an integral part of creation. While she doesn’t devise the means or result of creation, she is always chosen by spirit to play a big part in it. Likewise, connecting with turtle spirit makes you a "chosen one" of spirit.

Turtle will always ground you to mother earth, while providing the means to be comfortable in almost any situation, without much effort on your part.


This channeled energy image goes far beyond anything we could describe or the meanings within native legends we could discuss here. It is created using my deep meditation “ raw energy” channeling which like powerful native ceremonies, provides a direct and wordless connection to the essence of turtle spirit.

If you stare into the image and make this true connection, you will always know turtle in a way that expands beyond the utility of words, songs or thought. And the abilities you thus gain will also be beyond mere description on this plane of existence

Try it now. There are no coincidences. Spirit has brought you this far. Everything you have said and done in this life has led you to this moment now, when you will see this image and have this opportunity to experience turtle spirit in her truest form. Stare into the turtle spirit image now and feel a life changing “meeting of souls.” Know that turtle will forever, from this moment be a part of who you are. Life will become easy and long.

In fact, we guarantee that this connection will help you. See our guarantee below.*

My hope is that this image will bring you those energies that ease your path in life.


Energy Artist Julia

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While most Native American stories vary, a key theme among them is that the gods provided turtle, and those who spiritually connect to turtle, with amazing natural abilities and defenses. In addition, turtle is able to move freely between worlds … land, water, earth and in some stories air. This adaptability makes life easy and provides the healer the ability to also move between worlds when needed.

Turtle features prominently in creation stories. In particular many natives of the US Northeast traditionally believe the world was created on the back of a giant turtle. That is why they often refer to North America as “turtle island.” More than anything though, turtle is believed to provide you a grounding to mother earth. On the back of turtle we are raised above the waters so we can survive and all things of our world can exist.

In many legends turtle is absolutely impervious to attacks by jealous foes. Thus, turtle rattles are often used as protection against bad magic. Some even believe that turtle is a ward against death. The attitude of turtle seems to be “you cannot hurt me, so what you say or do to try really does not matter.” Furthermore, spirit seems to love turtle despite what perceived faults she may possess, and rains gifts upon her like no other. When you embrace turtle spirit you also feel both impervious and blessed.

Turtle also features prominently in numerology. The turtle shell is naturally divided into 13 sections representing 13 full moons in each year and has 28 square pieces around the outside representing the days of the month. Turtle represents creation and the cycles . Connecting to her attunes you to the harmony of those cycles.

But of all the stories, the most appropriate for us I think is the legend of sky woman. For becoming pregnant, angry beings cast her down to our world through a hole in the sky. But all the animals of the water sought to help her and turtle provided her back to create a world on which sky woman and her offspring could live and flourish. Sky woman was not evil, and her casting from the heavens was the result of unavoidable circumstance rather than anything she had really done. To me, the story of sky woman means that when things happen beyond your control, you can always count on turtle spirit… mother earth to provide the support you need.


With thoughts of Turtle Spirit's deep meaning fresh in my mind, I asked spirit for an image that would make a connection to you and bring you turtle's abilities. Then I filled my soul with joy and began to paint. I had to believe that it would work —- trust that spirit would guide my hand. The result was this "Turtle Spirit" painting.


I too feel negativity lifting. The world seem brighter, hope is returning and things are slowly getting easier in my life.



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