The Tree Of Gratitude Energy Charm - Your path to joy and happpiness


“Awaken and realize you are blessed in so many ways.”

The tree of gratitude helps you realize that when you open your heart there are so many good things around you that enrich your life. It helps you focus on the positive and thereby attract even more good things too you. Gratitude is like a magnet that fills your life with happiness and joy.

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Within the lesson of gratitude is also the realization that all the things that have happened to you, good and bad have made you who you are today.

Your destiny is for you to reach this point in time, here and now to learn a very important thing … and in this learning you grow stronger, spreading more positive energy in our world. One day you will cross back over and bring that positivity back to that cosmic pool from which we all came and therein shift the balance of our universe toward good.


Focus now on the tree of gratitude, let its energy fill your heart and say “I am truly thankful for all that has passed and given me this opportunity to learn this very important thing. The universe has a divine plan for me which I now see and fulfill, here and now.”


The Tree Of Gratitude holds special meaning for me and my happiness. Here’s why. From the time I was born I was able to remember the bliss I experienced before I was born on the other side.

One day I realized I had been just biding my time here on earth, waiting until I could return to that place. I was not embracing the good in life or growing spiritually. I was always focused on how hard things were.

When I began to embrace the good around me, and be grateful for this opportunity to strengthen the universal energy of good, and acknowledge that everything had happened for a reason, I quickly began to experience intense joy in my life.

It affected all those around me and somehow attracted to me the life I always wanted. My friends who stop by have noticed how good it feels to be in my space and now call my place “Julia’s House Of Healing.”

I’ve channeled all of this energy into my “Tree Of Gratitude” image which is how I envision this enlightening moment. Its energy reaches out and brings that same joy to all those who view it.


When you understand that everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t always know why ..and you understand that you were put here to overcome those things with positivity, your burden of suffering is lifted.

Focus on the Tree Of Gratitude and let that burden of suffering be lifted.

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