The Sacred Rose Energy Ring


The Sacred Rose surrounds you with the highest spiritual vibration known, facilitating a connection with supernatural holiness and the greatest of all energies, love. Learn how it works below.

When you focus on "The Sacred Rose" you feel that somewhere close are divine beings and the highest of all powers, love. We guarantee this energy ring will surround you with these energies, or your money back.

This "wearable art" ring is hand made with loving care in our studio in Eagle, Colorado, energy enhanced and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia. Created using fired resinated glass and ground opal on solid sterling silver.

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Have you ever thought you smelled roses when none were around? Since ancient times, this phenomenon is said to mark the physical presence of a supernatural holiness, usually an angel or even an incarnation of God. It is often referred to as the "odor of sanctity” and is associated with miracles. That’s why so many of the old religious artworks show roses in the presence of angels and the creator.

Scientifically, roses have one of the highest vibrations — 320 MHz while the next closest, Lavender is 118 MHz. The human brain vibrates at between 71 and 90 MHz. The roses’ higher vibration provides a conduit through which higher beings manifest themselves in our physical world.

And of all the colors a rose may take, red is the highest, symbolizing love. Love is the highest energy, emotion and feeling one can possess. People who are in love often say they feel like they are in the presence of angels, and this is why.

Energy Artist Julia has channeled these higher vibrations into her new energy image "The Sacred Rose" -- giving you a way to be close to these earthly manifestations and the ultimate energy -- love. When you wear the ring you immediately feel like you are in the presence of the divine.

We've further enhanced the piece with ground opal which in legend was created with the "light of heaven" and energetically enhances your connection with divine energies including love.

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We guarantee you will feel the energies from this piece creating a higher, divine vibration all around you and anyone who comes near. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.

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