The Fairy Tree - Magical Good Luck Print


Making every moment of your life a magical one.

The Fairy Tree emits the energies of: magical good luck, protection, spiritual healing, harmony and wealth.

Have you ever had a magic moment and wished it could go on forever?

While it may not have lasted for you, for some people, a charmed existence is a a given.

Their lives seem brighter and their luck is just incredible.


In certain older and wiser cultures, the difference between you and them is attributed to the hidden presence of fairy folk and the blessings they magically bestow upon the lives of people they choose.

Julia Watkins' new Fairy Tree brings into your presence these magical energies so you can lead a charmed life too. With it, you attract the fairy folk and become one of their chosen.

Even just looking at the fairy tree image online fills you with a sense of wonder and enchantment. Actually having the print in your home brings a far more powerful feeling.

Imagine what your life would be like with this fantastic energy in your presence at all times?

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About: Museum grade, collectors quality giclee print on fine art paper. These are far higher quality than posters or lithographs and will remain vibrant for over 100 years.


The Fairy Tree makes me feel young again. Every time I look at this image, I am filled with the sensation of wonder I had as a child, when the world was new, beautiful and magical.

Back then, my father seemed 10 ft tall and could do anything. My mother was the most beautiful women in the world. Our garden and the woods by our house were filled by amazing creatures I could communicate with.

The Fairy Tree takes me back in time so I can live in that energy once again. It feels like coming home to a truth, a belief I forgot. I'm touched in a way I could not have imagined. ~ Julia Watkins

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Every day you wait is a day you could have
lived a charmed life!



Focus on the Fairy Tree right now, let your mind clear and see what you feel. Has your day become brighter?

Do you feel the difference in your energy?

That is the fairy energy reaching out to you through a small computer image. Imagine what it would be like to have the actual pendant or print in your presence all of the time. Some say it is far beyond what they could have even imagined.

This is just a little sample of how you can feel all of the time.
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The fairy tree is believed to be both the magical abode of fairies and the portal to the world of the fairy folk. Although they will not speak of it with strangers, many people in the UK hold these trees sacred. In fact, a freeway in Scotland had to be rerouted lest it destroy a fairy tree.

Many believe that attracting fairies to your house or garden can bring good luck, protection from malice, spiritual healing, harmony and wealth. Some even build small houses for fairies which they place in trees around their garden.

In legend, those who truly believe are given the ability to see fairies and their magical energy. Julia Watkins' painting and pendant, The Fairy Tree captures the image seen through the eyes of a true believer - the enchanted energy that reaches out and creates a better, more positive world for the viewer. It provides a doorway to this world and a beacon, emitting this energy into our world, helping you and all those near you.

The Fairy Tree captures the sight of the fairy world as seen through the eyes of the true believer. Once you experience this vision, you'll be a believer too, and the world will never look the same.

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