The Divine Energy Cross - Giclee Print


This Divine Energy Cross Radiates The Power Of:

Eternal Life. Protection. Divine Blessing. The Holy Path.
Peace. Love. Joy.

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Hand signed by the artist. This is a collectors quality, museum grade, archival print which will remain vibrant for over 100 years.


Using her famous energy channeling techniques, and a lot of prayer, Energy Artist Julia has created this divinely inspired energy image for you -- simply radiating all the power and goodness of the light -- all the lessons of the word -- all the hope, love, and joy of those who accept the divine path.

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This energy image helps you connect to the source, maintain your link to the energy of Christ and keep your attention on the things that truly matter.


This beautiful image helps you spread all the good you feel in your heart -- flowing out from your divine connection.

When people ask you where you got it, and what it means -- which they will - you can tell them -- share with them the joy and happiness you feel.

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