The Divine Creation Positive Energy Ring


Let There Be Light!

This stunning, metaphysically powered ring fills you with the amazing energies of the creation. Those who wear it say it heightens their abilities to manifest their intentions and see them to fruition.

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Hand made with loving care in the Vail Valley, USA. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Made from fired resinated glass and ground opal (psychic's stone) on pure sterling silver.

Bring these positive energies to your life today.


Many say that staring into this divinely inspired image blesses them with the energy of the holy creation and gives them 3 amazing abilities.


Focus on the energized creation image. See if it activates within you these three life-changing abilities like it has for so many others:

1. The ability to create from nothingness.
2. The ability to manifest your desired reality.
3. The ability to walk true and good in the light of God.

With just a little time and focus, these abilities can become yours and transform your life. Learn how it works below and see our guarantee.


At the time of creation, powerful energies worked to bring into being all we can possibly conceive, and more.

This is the energy source tapped by artists, poets, musicians and visionaries in all fields who shape our world.

When you connect to the adaptive energies of creation, you gain the ability to envision, create and shape your world while walking the divine holy path of the creator.


You could meditate on the energy of creation and eventually, with a lot of time and effort make this connection.

What Energy Artist Julia has done is utilize her powerful channeling abilities to open for you a portal to the energies of the creation through this metaphysical image. She has placed this onto energy enhanced jewelry and prints so you can keep this powerful link open at all times.

It makes your connection instant and far easier, opening you to these amazing energies and the abilities that come with them.

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We Guarantee Results

Or Your Money Back*

We guarantee that if you get one of these items (prints or jewelry) containing "The Creation" energized image, and wear/focus on it for a few weeks, you will:

* Experience a much closer relationship with the creator;

* Find yourself far more tapped into these energies which allow you to conceive great ideas;

*Have an enhanced ability to manifest the reality you want.

This is a risk free way to gain immense personal abilities. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund.*


*Note: Our obligations and liabilities under this guarantee are limited only to the price paid for the item, and in purchasing you agree to the same.


You know that the energies of creation are both powerful and life changing.

And you have been given a risk free way to connect to these energies though our guarantee.


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A Personal Note From The Artist

Like a lot of artists before me, I have created a piece that captures the powerful energies of the creation. But unlike most, I didn't really know what it was until I finished it.

As an energy channeler, I often go into metaphysical spaces and become primarily a vessel of spirit. Things have to happen in a precise fashion to create one of these images but I trust in the hand that guides me. Usually it doesn't come together and take on a life-like energy until I place the very last dot.

Such was true with my painting "The Creation" and all the jewelry I made from it. I hope you find the same truths I have from being in the presence of the creation.

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