Pure Sterling Silver Omega Necklace - Guaranteed Silver Content


Our 6mm Wide Sterling Silver Omega Necklace will be the most versatile piece in your jewelry collection. This Omega Necklace sparkles and shines and can be worn alone as a statement piece or with one of our pendants. .

Omega Necklaces are concave so that they reflect maximum light and sit perfectly across your collarbone and neck. Our 6mm Omega Necklace is 925 Sterling Silver, is made in Italy, and is available in 16 and 18 inch lengths.

We get these from a highly reputable Italian supplier who guarantees their silver content. Many of the necklaces you will see online will claim they are 925 silver but actually contain very little and are made in China.


We've checked with the retail jewelry stores and they charge between 45% and 80% more than we do for the same necklace.

*Price is for the necklace only. Pendants are sold separately.