Pure Sterling Silver Figaro Charm Necklace - Guaranteed Silver Content


*Please note: All of our beautiful charms can be placed on this necklace. Price is for the necklace chain only. Charms are sold separately.

Guaranteed Quality

We only offer the finest, diamond cut figaro charm necklaces from a reputable Italian dealer, with high quality, long lasting clasps and guaranteed sterling silver content .. 3mm size.

Much of what you see online, while claiming to be from Italy is actually cheap “Chinese Silver” of dubious silver content and quality ... and no guarantee.

We’re probably the only company to guarantee silver quality.*

These necklaces typically hold between one and twelve charms, although one women has eighteen. Julia and her assistants typically wear 6 to 8 charms. There are no bad charm combinations, only good.

When choosing the actual necklace, while a 16” or 18” necklace holds the charms close, a longer 24” or 30” which hold more charms. We’ve pictured both a 16” and 30” necklaces here.

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Small 16" - Holds 1 to 6 charms
Small 18" - Holds 1 to 9 charms
Large 24" - Holds 1 to 12 charms
Very large 30" Holds 1 to 18 charms


*Compensation under silver quality guarantee is limited to the actual purchase price of the chain and by purchasing the same you agree there seller assumes no other liability. No other guarantees or agreements regarding remuneration are offered here except for the purchase price of the necklace/chain. Price for necklace only. Charms sold separately.