Peacock "Bodhisattva Awakening" Energy Charm


This metaphysical charm emits the energy of the Bodhisattvas - compassion, love, transcendence and enlightenment.

Represented in Buddhism by the peacock, a Bodhisatva is one who seeks enlightenment not for personal reasons but so he/she can help free others as well. Bodhisatvas transform out of compassion for all of humanity.

The most famous Bodhisatva was Kuan-Yin.

Some say a Boddhisatva reaches enlightenment then helps others to do the same. While others believe the Bodhisattva helps others at the same time he or she helps himself.

If you came to this world not to help yourself, but to help others reach the light, you may be a Bodhisatva. This energy channeled charm can help awaken the Bodhisatva in you -- realizing what you truly are and why you are here.

This hand made energy channeled charm was created with loving care in the US by Energy Artist Julia. It is made from fired resinated glass and opal on sterling silver.

Wear it and release your inner being of compassion!

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