Path To The Light Ring - Your direct connection to a higher power


"Path To The Light"
A meeting with a higher power on a forest path

Hand made, chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Fired resinated glass and ground opal on solid sterling silver.

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"Through this image I talk to God every day." ~Julia Watkins

The "Path To The Light Ring creates for you a direct and personal connection to a higher power.


One afternoon, Energy Artist Julia awoke from a nap in a Colorado aspen grove.

During that half awake, half asleep state she experienced a vision -- a golden path of energy leading through the forest to a divine light - a warm source of wisdom and love. Her heart seemed to reach out to it, and from this instant connection she was changed forever.

Julia would later channel the energy from this moment to create the painting "Path To The Light" which she used to relive this amazing experience again and again.

Many others would have the same experience when they stood in the presence of this amazing art piece.


Now, Julia has placed this image onto her jewelry - offering you a doorway, a portal to higher consciousness.

She's channeled that same metaphysical energy into every piece to give you that instant connection. Each piece is further enhanced with ground opal (psychic's stone) to facilitate a stronger connection between you and the higher power.

Focus now on the path and feel its divine energy.

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Path To The Light is the image I often focus on when I need inspiration for creating my artwork.

For me and my friends it awakens connections that resonate through the entire body when you close your eyes.

When I even touch the jewelry, I can feel energy flowing out into my hands.

I can feel the divine light fill my heart and soul. Things just seem to get easier for me after I make this.

I hope you too can have this wonderful experience.

~ Julia Watkins

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Every day you wait is a day you could have
lived in the warm embrace of sacred energy!