Owl Spirit Energy Painting - Giclee Print


In times of trouble and uncertainty, owl spirit visits you in your dreams, giving you the ability to see through the spiritual darkness and direct your life toward a brighter, more beautiful future.

There are no coincidences. If you are seeing this, spirit believes you need the ability of divine "seeing" RIGHT NOW. Just stare into the owl's eyes and feel the powers of perception, insight and wisdom fill you with a warm knowing. Things will be much easier now that you can truly see.

This powerful, channeled energy image was created by world renowned Energy Artist Julia using her signature "raw energy" style which initiates a direct connection to the spiritual essence of the animal.

About: This energy enhanced print is hand signed by the artist. It is a top quality museum grade print made using the finest materials available. It is archival, meaning it will remain vibrant and colorful for over 100 years. Click ADD TO CART to get your very own print. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Prints larger than our smallest size are custom order and not returnable.

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Used often by the most powerful shamans, owl spirit allows you to pierce the darkness, discover the path to light and good, and navigate your way to a better future. In these times of fear, owl is your most trusted and useful companion. 

In fact, the ancient Welsh believed that the goddess Arianrhod could shape shift into a large owl, allowing her to not only see in the dark but also see into the depths of the human subconscious and soul. Those who connected with her were believed to gain the same abilities.

Owl also provides strong protection from dark forces by giving you the wisdom and insight to see through deception and confusion. The Ainu in Japan believe the owl can warn of approaching evil while the Greek goddess Athena is often depicted with an owl on her shoulder who whispers to her hidden truths.  Likewise, many spiritualists today believe owl spirit gives you the gift of a clairaudient, or the ability to hear the hidden meanings in the statements of others.  

Owl gives you spiritual protection in an unusual way. Rather than deflect bad energy the owl gives you forewarning of approaching trouble and gives you the wisdom to avoid these things.

NOTE: If you look closely into the eyes of the owl spirit image you will notice an almost instant connection to the essence of owl.  Learn below how this "raw energy" image works.

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I painted this in a previously secret style which puts out a raw, unfiltered energy allowing a direct connection to the spirit of the owl. While it is very powerful, it  also has no editing in the channeling process.  In the past I had always worried that not everyone could handle this kind of connection and the power it brings to them.  

So until this past year I have kept the paintings I did in this style hidden and only showed them to close family members.  But I received a message from spirit last year to show this "raw energy" style and with much prompting released these images to the world.

Spirit did tell me to remind you that with the great power you will receive from this image comes a great responsibility that you use this to spread good in the world.

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“Like many, I have been fearful due to the uncertain political climate and the barrage of negative news we receive daily. But I have placed owl spirit close to me and have found that I can remain positive because owl has convinced me there is still a good path leading to a bright and beautiful future.  I don't think about it too much but know that I can see the way.  When I do think about it I realize that this positive outlook is the influence of owl spirit.

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