Light Of Christ Energy Charm


From The Artist - Julia Watkins

The Light Of Christ”, those simple words are packed with many meanings to people and groups throughout the world.

But in this image, it represents the divine energy that emanates from God and flows through all things, including each of us.

It signifies the healing powers, the laying of hands by Jesus.

It celebrates the miracle of one who has achieved the highest level of spiritual consciousness while still earth bound.

It captures the unimaginable beauty of all these things, their myriad of deep meanings and the bringing of light to our world.

In so many ways, and on so many levels, this image is simply fascinating to me, because after I painted it, I felt as if another hand had rendered its creation.


About: Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced, blessed and energy enhanced by the Energy Artist Julia. We pay special attention to detail and quality throughout this 7 step process.

Size: 3/4 x 3/4 inches.
Materials: Fired resinated glass & ground opal on silver plate. Price is for the charm only. Charm bracelets are sold separately.



Combining charms amplifies the energy of each. They work even better and you feel better.

There are no bad combinations, only good, but certain ones can be combined together on an individual bracelet to maximize your intended benefits.

FOR ANGELIC HEALING, COMFORT AND DIVINE GUIDANCE – Combine the Light Of Christ, Singing Angel Tree, Star Angel and Angel’s Light charms. Some also choose to add the Dragon Fairy charm as they believe this image is an earthly angelic form. People who wear this say they hear the voices of singing angels not only when they sleep, but throughout their day.


A prodigy artist from a young age, Julia Watkins is best known as the founder of the Energism Art Movement, a style of art and concept where artists created art designed to help one connect to positive metaphysical energy and achieve higher levels of consciousness through art. Her paintings are in the collections of Deepak Chopra, Carnegie Mellon and Children's hospital. For more information on Julia Watkins visit her website at http://www.platris.com or visit her on facebook and see what others have to say at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Energy-Artist-Julia/153285945646

Please Note: DUE TO LARGE DEMAND FOR THESE ITEMS PLEASE ALLOW TWO WEEKS FOR YOUR ORDER TO SHIP. We send items US Postal Priority which can take between 2 days and 2 weeks to arrive. Price is for the Charm. Bracelets are sold separately.