Free Bird - Break The Bonds That Hold You And Let Your Spirit Soar


While I was creating this energy painting “Free Bird”, I received a message from spirit for you which I've detailed below.

There are no coincidences. If you find yourself reading this and find yourself strongly attracted to this image, the message is for you.

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Your beautiful soul came to this world like a soaring bird - unfettered by earthly pain, worries, doubts and fears.

Then you were born into human society as all of us are, innocent and unprotected. Very quickly, you felt your spirit being caged -- trapped by others’ mental criticisms, judgments, rules and punishments.

But it does not have to be this way for you.

It is so very important for you to realize that this supposed cage that traps your free spirit is really an illusion, something that exists only in your mind and can be broken by you at any time.

But until you resolve yourself to break free of these negative energies, this invisible force will limit both our spiritual and emotional growth and block our path of transformation. They say a caged bird won’t sing, or sings only a song of sorrow. … and it is so true for you.

It is now time for you to reconnect to your inner free bird … that unburdened spirit within your heart which knows no bounds and creates its own reality just through thought.

It is within you, while you live this earth-bound existence to rise above the often squabbling flock we call society and let your light soar, carrying you back to your perfect state.

Just focus on the free bird, and you will be there.

When you do this, your life will change for the better, as if your heart has become light and and your future has become limitless.

I hope this message finds a place in your heart and soul.



I created the Free Bird jewelry and prints to open a link back to your true spiritual existence and allow you to rise above the things that would limit you.

It serves as a constant reminder and symbol that you have chosen to free yourself from these things, that you are open, moving forward and that you are becoming spiritually enlightened.

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Focus on Free Bird now and let your spirit soar!

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