Dragon's Moon Channeled Energy Pendant


Dragon spirit, channeled through this pendant by world renowned Energy Artist Julia, gives you the power and authority to make positive changes to the world ... changes that will help you, your family, humanity, mother earth and all her creatures.

By focusing on this energy image you will find yourself filled with new confidence, power and good luck ... all that is needed to put you more in a position of control.

Created at the height of the most powerful lunar event in 150 years, this "Magic Chi" energy pendant is infused with the most intense and helpful dragon spirit energies. You can just feel them radiate from the pendant. The design is based on specific structures seen in sacred Asian temples and the Om symbol

And if you are even seeing this image, since there really are no coincidences, it more than likely means that at this point in your life, you are destined to use dragon energies to make your world the place of light and beauty you want it to be. You can have more than one spirit animal ... and it seems dragon is now one of yours.


We guarantee that if you get this sacred pendant, and focus on its energies for two weeks, you will find that you have a renewed sense of self confidence, good luck and the ability to manifest changes in the world around you. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund*

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NOTE: Staring into this image online provides some energies. Wearing the pendant is about 100 times stronger. There really are no substitutes.

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*Our obligation under this guarantee is for the price paid for the item only. No other guarantees are made or liability assumed.