Butterfly "In The Moment" Energy Pendant


Learn From The Butterfly To Live In The Moment
And Watch Your Spirit Transform Into A Being Of Pure Beauty & Light

ABOUT: The butterfly not only represents your spiritual growth as you blossom into a being of beauty, but it also teaches you that living in the moment guarantees a rich, fulfilling and joyful life.

When you embrace the spirit of the monarch butterfly you say:

1. I will live each and every moment of my life to its fullest, filled with love and joy.

2. I will let my heart and spirit float free on the winds, far above worry and concern.

3. And by doing this, I will transform into a beautiful spiritual being.

I’ve communicated with the butterfly spirit and channeled its wonderful energies into this image so that like the butterfly you can live fully in the now.

Focus on it and let your heart alight on the winds of life in carefree joy. Breath in. Absorb all your senses can provide and recognize that the divine can be found in the small details of this very instant.

This is the feeling you will have with you always when you place a Butterfly “In-The-Moment” energy print in your home or wear a pendant.

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About: We are offering this beautiful hand made energy pendant which is personally energy balanced and enhanced by artist Julia Watkins. Made from fired resinated glass and ground opal on stainless with a sterling silver bale. Size 1.5" x 1.5” inches. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately.

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The artist who made this energy image, Julia Watkins is world renowned for channeling astounding energies into her creations … so much so that they seem to come alive for those in tune with metaphysical powers.   Each piece, whether it is a print or jewelry, emits a strong energy, that makes it much easier to experience spiritual transformation and healing powers.


In a world of few real guarantees, we give one that goes way beyond what others would even consider.  We guarantee that if you order a “Butterfly In-The-Moment“ Energy Pendant or Print, and focus on it each day, you will begin to recognize the divine in all the small things around you and feel your spirit begin to float free of worries.*

If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund.*

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You have a guaranteed way to really feel the energies of bliss.

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