Walking Bear Spirit Energy Pendant


Walking Bear Spirit asked that I publish this energy image so that certain people can see it and tap into its raw power. Learn below about this great and powerful gift spirit has now bestowed upon you.

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ABOUT: Hand made with loving care. Energy channeled and enhanced personally by Energy Artist Julia. Created from fired resinated glass and ground opal on stainless with a sterling silver bale. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately.

These are made-to-order with your energy in mind so please allow two weeks for them to ship. Sold with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 120 Day Exchange Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

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"Walking Bear Spirit "is a mystical painting Spencer & I have only shown to close family members due to its power. I created it many years ago when I had not yet learned to filter channeled energy. The original painting is now tended to by someone who is a very old and powerful bear soul.

Yesterday walking bear spirit told me to show the image here because certain individuals very much need to connect with this mystic energy right now. After that I am to take it down and it will no longer be available.

I also placed it on this pendant, as instructed. I pray that the power conveyed to you, whoever you are, through this will be used for the highest good of humanity. I was told to remind you that with great power comes great responsibility.

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Walking Bear Spirit puts out a raw, unfiltered energy that while very powerful also had no editing in the channeling process. It provides a direct and unimpeded connection to bear spirit which facilitates a "sharing of the souls" between you and bear. We didn't think everyone could handle this kind of connection and the power it brings to them. So we kept it hidden.

Yesterday when I asked spirit what I should do next, to my surprise I was told to release Walking Bear Spirit. With much trepidation we posted it on Facebook and it started to "go viral", getting reposted all over the internet. We got nervous about that and took it down. Then we put it back up again after much prompting from spirit.

We realized that spirit knows much better than us how this energy should be used and that spirit will make sure this great and powerful gift will be used for good. I know that if you have been directed here, spirit means for you to use this energy.



There are no coincidences. If you are reading this, it means spirit wants you to have it. While I don't want to push anyone to buy something, I am being pushed by spirit to say that if it is at all possible, you should get a print or pendant and have this close to you while you have the opportunity. CLICK "ADD TO CART" TO CHECK AVAILABILITY


Within our family, certain people who are in contact with Walking Bear Spirit have lead amazing lives and are known to have almost magical abilities. Their stories are personal and highly specific details are not shared outside the family. What I can tell you is that they employ all the abilities of one who is absolutely unimpeded by non belief. They have "faith to move mountains" and are able to do so.

I've seen them: move so quickly in times of danger that they defy time-space; project their energies across landscapes and tell me exactly where other animals or people can be found; see into the hearts of others and bring out their true & good natures; defy amazing mathematical laws of probability to bring about positive outcomes, radiate pure and cleansing white healing light, and much more. They are not always perfect, but thanks to their connection with Walking Bear Spirit they are amazing.

It appears that you to are now destined to become one of them.
I am so honored that I could help you do this.


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